Dell Partnership

VegaNext has partnered with industry leader Dell to provide and expand on VegaNext’s optimal IT services and solutions, business products, and cloud solutions for its clients. As a part of their joint efforts, emphasis will be placed on supplementing Vega-X, VegaNext’s cloud and network solutions, with Dell’s cloud services. Dell is a global titan whose […]

blueC Partnership

VegaNext has partnered with Canadian managed-call specialist blueC to expand the range of VegaNext’s call-services platform VegaTel, through full PBX integration with blueC’s signature product, blueButler.  VegaTel includes innovative calling and messaging features that help foster much smoother workflows for businesses across various industries. These features allow businesses to place all communication channels in one […]

Huge Uptick in Maze Ransomware: Please Be Aware of the Threat

We are seeing a huge uptick in Maze Ransomware attacks. Please be aware of the threat and get familiar with how Maze Ransomware works. To date we’ve seen eight new occurrences of the Maze Ransomware, impacting small healthcare providers, municipal governments, and a group of other industries, like accountants. One of the most important things […]