Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

We offer a simplified way of managing the connectivity of your mobile and multi-site business

Most businesses use traditional private networks to connect multiple offices and remote employees with physical equipment. These may be safe and reliable, but they can’t keep up with the demands of mobile and cloud-first businesses. Tasks such as provisioning new applications and increasing the bandwidth of each “branch” (office location) in your network become complex, expensive, and error-prone.

VegaNext’s SD-WAN solutions offer an automated and simplified approach to network management. Instead of relying on cables and switching hardware to connect your employees, the SD-WAN creates a virtual network over your existing internet connection that is just as safe and versatile as a traditional WAN, but with more functionality and speed. This means you make the most efficient use of your network, deploying commands smarter and faster to drive productivity and reduce unnecessary costs.

VegaNext’s SD-WAN solutions give you:

  • Centralized management – your entire WAN is visible and configured under one dashboard
  • Performance – you can prioritize and control applications for optimal end-user experience
  • Cost-savings – reduced need for legacy hardware and MPLS to meet growing bandwidth needs
  • Security – advanced security features to keep all your locations protected and online
  • Compliance – compliance tools for PCI and HIPAA to keep your business on the books

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