Finance and Insurance IT Services

Better security, productivity, and technology ROI

Financial service professionals handle vast amounts of confidential stakeholder information while facing the external challenges of changing markets, persistent regulators, and ever-evolving security threats. VegaNext addresses these needs with secure and stable cloud solutions, backed by our 15+ years of IT service experience.

We offer financial services firms – regardless of size – enterprise-level technical support. This includes network assessment and management, process improvement for statements and filings, and protection from ransomware and IP theft. Our services range from strategic virtual CTO planning to complete outsourced IT management. We take the time to learn your specific objectives and pain points, then provide unbiased advice and high-return solutions.

Technologies that free you to focus on your client outcomes

How VegaNext Helps:

  • Secure your intellectual property and confidential information
  • Streamline operations and maximize efficiency
  • Train your staff in your productivity and security best practices
  • Achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance
  • Provide an effortless digital experience for your clients

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