By streamlining their productivity and communication, Ernest Packaging Solutions is ready for another 75 years of growth

Ernest Packaging Solutions’ IT network had passed the end of its lifespan, and was causing more problems than it solved. The impact was being felt both internally and externally – staff were complaining about lost productivity, and customers started noticing the delays and downtime. On top of that, technologies had been implemented over the years without standardization, making them difficult to control and complicating attempts at IT planning. Mike Pichotta, Vice President of Operations, recognized that these issues were affecting the quality of their products and services, and action was needed ASAP.

Ernest had prior experience with several IT service providers, with varying levels of success. They were impressed with VegaNext’s ability to lead the IT renewal project: Initial consultations revealed specific problems, their solutions, and a comprehensive roadmap that was easy to understand and implement. Overall, they were delighted with VegaNext’s commitment to Ernest’s long-term success. Beyond simply installing technology, VegaNext demonstrated exceptional responsiveness, transparency, and problem-solving, all focused on successful outcomes for Ernest’s internal and external customers.

All of this resulted in better network speeds, quicker turnarounds, and happier stakeholders – customer and staff satisfaction levels both increased. On the financial side, better vendor analysis and management led to immediate savings, while the new system continuity and reliability have opened up options for long-term scaling and simpler budgeting. All in all, Ernest Packaging Solutions is ready for another 75 years of success.

About Ernest Packaging Solutions

Ernest is a family-owned company that’s been providing packaging, shipping, and inventory services since 1946. They deliver end-to-end business solutions that help their clients streamline processes, boost efficiency, and connect with customers. Based in Los Angeles, California, they now have over 500 employees nationwide.