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Why choose VegaNext?

We started VegaNext in 2003 with a simple objective – make life easier for businesses struggling to manage their IT infrastructure. With our collective experience spanning more than four decades, we knew we could make a difference. And we have.

During our pre-VegaNext years working in the IT industry, we heard a lot about the problems our clients were having with their MSPs. One of the reasons we started into full-service IT support was to fill this gap for high quality, high return, services. With VegaNext, any organization from 5 to 500 employees can realize clear productivity, security, and cost control benefits.

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To solve your current and future IT challenges, we apply deep technical expertise, a full range of consulting services, and full-stack cybersecurity solutions. We’re sure you haven’t yet really experienced the kind of quality IT support VegaNext delivers.

We create a customized support package unique to your organization and optimized for your industry, one that will future-proof your IT ecosystem. 

VegaNext has a proven track record of eliminating IT frustrations for organizations with limited budgets, keeping them secure and operational 24/7. We offer a diversified portfolio that includes private and public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), fully-managed IT support, and network, communication, and security services. From our base in Los Angeles, we have grown to serve clients across California, New York, and Chicago.

Message from the owner

Hi, I’m Pervez, founder and CEO of VegaNext.

Prior to working with us, our clientele had a variety of roadblocks and pain points. Some had concerns about their company data being compromised. Others had teams that lacked the specialized skills and resources necessary to ensure routine patching and maintenance. All of them worried about malware, system crashes, and general poor performance.

These are the kinds of issues that we work to prevent. We are in the business of augmenting your staff and helping you to keep systems operational, optimized, and secure 24/7. VegaNext offers superior engineers and a host of IT services and solutions to organizations across the United States.

As the owner, my promises to you are first-rate customer service, expert engineers, and affordable rates that allow predictable budgeting. Now, make a promise to yourself – don’t stress about not having all the specialized skill sets you need – let us fill the gaps.


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